Starting my battle with PIED


If you are here because the title said life with PIED, then we are sort of in the same boat. For the uninitiated PIED stands for porn induced erectile dysfunction or something like that. What it basically means that, you can get a hard on when you are watching porn or masterbating to porn, but when it comes to real life experience you are struggling to get the little captain giving a full salute. Well, this happens when one is watching too much or mostly porn to sexually release themselves. I have PIED.

With hindsight my captain, I can say very clearly that I had this issue/problem over 5 years now, but very recently, i.e. almost 3 months back for the first time I struggled to get my lil John up at all while having sex with my girlfriend. Took me all these three months to figure out why. Initially I thought that may be I was just too tired that night, but as I really started to really think, I figured that mostly if not always, I have not been having a complete erection. And horrifyingly enough, the night I struggled to get it on with my girlfriend, after going to bed, I had quite the hard on re-visitng in my mind palace (ahem the kinky sherlock) some porn fantasies I had seen a week earlier. I did not think much of it then as life was wrecking down on other fronts, but when I sat down to consider my PIED this is by far the most harrowing experience.

I want to fix myself now. After doing a lot of research online I realised that the best way to do it is to get rid of porn for good and for the first 30 days its better to not masterbate or have any sort of orgasm. I am on my third day now. I do not want to jot down a lot in this post, but in this blog I intend on journaling my journey, writing my experience or write down if I feel like having relapses. This I believe will help me a lot if no one else. And if you happen to stumble here, feel free to drop a line.

Will be your agony aunt. Will try to help you any way I can.



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