Return of the sudden urges – Battle of the quickies


It is really really late here and I have office tomorrow. But I thought I would put in an entry before retiring for the night. Though it has sort of decreased now, initial couple of days, and from time to time even now I have these terrible urges to pull off a quickie with my right hand Sally! As a background, I generally have this trend of masterbating mostly in the late evenings, so initially at those hours I felt this tremendous urge to play with lil Charlie. Though i managed to stay off porn the first day I resorted to online erotic pictures and erotic literature on the day after.

I soon realised that it is not a proper solution and will just delay the healing, I realised that I need to burn off the excess energy and find ways to stimulate myself. One, I started with a familiar old sitcom which used to make me really happy as a kid, the humour and the nostalgia did help a lot. Alongside, I started doing cardio. Walking. Yep, walking for almost hour and half every evening. I think this is wearing me off and keeping my mind and my stubby fingers  ahem  toes  ahem  fingers busy else where. And, if I may add this is a healthy turn for the better for me. This is actually helping substantially.

This evening i did not have any fantasizing weakness but it remains to be seen if that would be the case tomorrow morning. Hopefully not. But, one thing I need to point out that, I am not finding this r/NoFap thing difficult to do at all. Seeing and realising what porn did to me, I kind of feel very sick towards it. And that has been quite a boost along with the desire to really get out of this mess.

Keep praying for me, and if you are in this too, keep fighting 🙂



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